Tis The Season to Give HUMMUS Gift Cards

Mediterranean food at HUMMUS Bowls and Wraps

Gift cards are not only easy for the gift giver but convenient for the gift receiver. In fact, some people would prefer to receive gift cards instead of gifts so they can receive the best present for them how however their heart desires.

After all, who doesn’t want the ability to get what they TRULY want? Did you know at HUMMUS we offer gift cards? What’s better than enjoying a healthy HUMMUS Bowl? Sharing it with others. Take the pressure off of the holidays and opt-in for the gift of healthy eating this year. It’ll be the easiest stocking stuffer idea yet!

Never expires

One of the best parts about giving HUMMUS gift cards is that they never expire and are able to be redeemed at any convenience. It’s a gift that can keep on giving even after the holidays are over. Because they never expire and are always available, they are the perfect gift for any occasion not just the holidays.

Gift cards are great for birthdays, celebrations, or just to say you’re thinking about them. It’s also convenient for the gift recipient because they can also redeem anytime they’d like and don’t have the added pressure of a time limit. It’s a gift that will never go out of style.

HUMMUS Gift Cards

Convenient, quick, and easy

With the pandemic still going on, we understand that you might not want to go to busy stores and stand in long lines or wait for that Amazon package that got lost just for one present. Who wants to do all that even when there’s not a pandemic?

All that hassle for one present when can be avoided by giving gift cards from your favorite local spots. Pop into your local HUMMUS Bowls & Wraps for a quick convenient way to easily get that last present checked off your list. While you’re here, might as well get a quick bowl to go!

Know somebody that loves hummus?

A gift card to HUMMUS can be a super special gift showing that you notice their favorite food spots. Some might argue that a gift card isn’t sentimental or meaningful but it can be quite the opposite!

Notice where your friends and loved ones like to dine, shop, and spend time – and get them gift cards from those places that they love. It shows that you notice the small things and you care about their preferences. Get a HUMMUS gift card to show that you care!

Maybe they’ve never tried HUMMUS, get them a gift card and go on a fun lunch outing with them. It’s now a 2-for-1 present! You get to give them great food and some quality time!