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CHOOSE YOUR MEAL – Hummus Bowls and Wraps

Hummus Bowl or Pita Wrap?

Mediterranean Food Near Me DSC7065-3

Hum Bowl

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Greek Food Near Me DSC7086-2-1

Pita Wrap

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Pick Your Hummus:

Vegan Food Near Me 01-Classic-Hummus-2


Healthy Food Near Me 02-Spicy-Hummus1


Restaurant Food Near Me 04-Market-Hummus

Market (Seasonal)

Mediterranean Food Near Me 03-Baba-G1

Baba G (Eggplant)

Choose Greens:

Greek Food Near Me 14-Classic-Romaine


Vegan Food Near Me 18-Baby-Spinach

Baby Spinach

Healthy Food Near Me 25Baby-Arugula

Baby Arugula

Restaurant Food Near Me 32-Baby-Kale

Baby Kale

Add Grains:

Mediterranean Food Near Me 36-Seasoned-Rice

Herbed Rice

Greek Food Near Me 40-Black-Lentils

Black Lentils

Pick The Protein:

 Vegan Food Near Me 49-Flame-Grilled-Chicken

Flame Grilled Chicken

Healthy Food Near Me 45-Flame-Grilled-Beef

Flame Grilled Beef

Mediterranean Food Near Me 51-Braised-Lamb

Braised Lamb

Greek Food Near Me 57-Vegan-Falafel

Vegan Falafel

Vegan Food Near Me 64-Halloumi-Cheese

Crispy Halloumi Cheese

Healthy Food Near Me 66-Market-Roasted-Vegetables

Seasonal Roasted Veggies

Flame Grilled Atlantic Salmon

Flame Grilled Gyro (Lamb & Beef)

Braised Bird’s Eye Chili Beef

Choose Toppings:

Get Creative

Restaurant Food Near Me 72-Diced-Tomatoes

Diced Tomatoes

Mediterranean Food Near Me 74-Kalamata-Olives

Kalamata Olives

Greek Food Near Me 77-Seasoned-Cherry-Tomatoes

Seasoned Cherry Tomatoes

Vegan Food Near Me 82-Feta-Salad

Feta Salad

Restaurant Food Near Me 86-Quinoa-Tabouli

Quinoa Tabouli

Mediterranean Food Near Me 90-Diced-Cucumber

Diced Cucumber

Greek Food Near Me 92-Mediterranean-Style-Pickles

Mediterranean Style Pickles

Vegan Food Near Me 93-Quinoa


Healthy Food Near Me 95-Pickled-Beets

Pickled Beets

Restaurant Food Near Me 97-Pickled-Onion

Pickled Onion

Mediterranean Food Near Me 100-Lemon


Greek Food Near Me 103-Crushed-Jalapeno

Crushed Jalapeno

Vegan Food Near Me 105-Pomegranate-Seed

Pomegranate Seed

Healthy Food Near Me 108-Fresh-Mint

Fresh Mint

Restaurant Food Near Me 110-Fresh-Cilantro

Fresh Cilantro

Mediterranean Food Near Me 112-Fresh-Parsley

Fresh Parsley

Greek Food Near Me 115-Pita-Crunch

Pita Crunch

Vegan Food Near Me 118-Seasoned-Crispy-Chickpeas

Seasoned Crispy Chickpeas

Healthy Food Near Me 120-Sunflower-Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

Restaurant Food Near Me 121-Hum-Spice

Hum Spice

Pick Your Sauce:

Mediterranean Food Near Me 124-Garlic-Sauce

Garlic Sauce – House Fave!

Greek Food Near Me 134-Mint-Tzatziki

Mint Tzatziki – Cool & Creamy

Vegan Food Near Me 139-Herb-Tahini-2

Herb Tahini – Nutty & Rich

Healthy Food Near Me 131-Muhammara

Muhammara – Roasted Pepper & Walnut

Restaurant Food Near Me 127-Hot-Chili-Harissa

Hot Chilli Harissa – Bold & Tangy

Mediterranean Food Near Me 142-House-Dressing-2

House Dressing – Citrus Mint

Pick Sides

Greek Food Near Me DSC6976-Halloumi-Hash-2-1

Halloumi Hash

Vegan Food Near Me DSC6969-Side-Falafel-2-1

Side Falafel

Healthy Food Near Me DSC6990-Side-Hummus-2-1

Side Hummus/Baba G.

Restaurant Food Near Me DSC6983-Pita-Fries-3

Pita Fries


Mediterranean Food Near Me DSC7163-Watermelon-_Mock_-Jito-2b

Watermelon Mock-Jito

Greek Food Near Me DSC7156-Currant-Thyme-2b

Seasonal Lemonade

Vegan Food Near Me DSC7155-Cucumber-Blossom-2b

Cucumber Blossom

Healthy Food Near Me DSC7032-2b

Stubborn Soda Drinks