Why Have Online Ordering Food?

Ordered online pick up

Jumping into a world of the “new normal,” it’s important to learn the benefits of choosing online ordering for restaurants. There has been a rise in interest of in ordering online pick-up takeout over online delivery surprisingly during these times of a health-related pandemic according to Restaurant Dive.

Why is it Important to Have Online Ordering?

Many customers still feel the need to stay at home – regardless of dining rooms starting to open up – and yet still want to support local businesses and stimulate their local economies. Online ordering is convenient and acts within social distancing which allows customers to feel safer about their choices, especially for those businesses that don’t have drive-thrus. Customers in turn will applaud the way restaurants are adapting to the new climate and continue to show support. It just makes sense for both parties going forward.

Delivery fees from third-party delivery apps can add up and turning to ordering takeout straight from their restaurant of choice is an easy solution. With the downturn of the economy, it’s important to keep in mind how to accommodate these types of changes while still maintaining a digital presence. Although third-party delivery services are growing in popularity and we enjoy having them at HUMMUS, we like giving the option of directly ordering from us to avoid the fees, stopping inside to order, or using their third-party app.

Why is it Important to Have Online Ordering

Running online ordering on your own terms means managing how you’d like. Restaurants can run their own marketing deals and promo codes as they’d like without a third-party dictating their own rules or what can or can’t be offered. At HUMMUS, we send out marketing emails periodically with promo codes or other promotions and like giving the option to use that code either at the HUMMUS point of checkout or online when placing an order. It gives the customer option and makes them feel like they don’t have their hands tied when trying to decide how they’d like to dine that day. It also allows us to grow the relationship with our guests by being more accommodating and aware.

By the way, are you subscribed to our emails? You could be receiving our promo codes and discounts too! How can you order HUMMUS online? It’s easy. Just go to our website and click Order Now. Our team will receive your order and make it fresh for you. Head inside to the designated pick-up area inside of HUMMUS to pick up your order hassle-free and enjoy your meal back at home or wherever you’re headed!