Why Choose Fresh Food?

Fresh food at HUMMUS

We admit it. We may be biased here at HUMMUS, however, there are several reasons why eating fresh is the way to go. Fresh, never frozen, meals contain more nutrients and healthy enzymes. From vitamin intake to lowering the chance of chronic illnesses the health benefits of eating fresh are endless. You can always count on HUMMUS for being as fresh as possible. We never freeze any of our food or produce.

Benefit from Staying Fresh

Why Choose Fresh Food

  1. Vitamins & Nutrients

Eating fresh veggies is an important part of one’s diet. Easier said than done. It’s important to know that when a vegetable is consumed frozen, the vitamins it once was enriched with subside and the veggies are not as beneficial as they would be fresh. This is why at HUMMUS all of our ingredients are made fresh and sourced locally so that we ensure all our guests are not only getting a delicious-tasting meal but also filled with vitamins as well. The health benefits of eating fresh and not frozen are endless. It supports a happy heart, can reduce inflammation, pump you with antioxidants, and so much more.

  1. Saves the Planet

With the world population growing more and more every day, that means more food is being produced. A large majority of the food being produced is being done in factories that ruin the environment. They fill the sky with pollution and tear down forests or destroy land when they need room for another factory. By switching our eating habits to rely more on sustainable farming and agriculture, we can not only improve the health of our planet but also improve the health of the people who live on our Earth as well.

  1. Amazing Skin

At the end of the day, good skincare starts from the inside. On top of consuming the vitamins that come with eating fresh, it will help your health internally and it will slowly start to show on the outside. Your skin will get brighter and if you have acne then it may start to clear up. It will just overall make your skin glow. It is also proven in studies that the fresh that veggies are the more likely they are to assist in reducing wrinkles and signs of aging on the skin.

How does HUMMUS stay fresh?

The fact that our food is made fresh every morning, in-house with fresh natural ingredients. Our meat is prepared daily and never frozen. We take pride in ensuring that our guests receive the tastiest and healthiest food options especially since the majority of restaurants’ priority isn’t health-related.