What Does it Mean to be a HumSquad Team Member?

HumSquad Team Member

So, what does it mean to be a HumSquad team member? To be one of us means:

  • Striving to be your whole self at work
  • Joining a hard-working team that supports each other
  • Being surrounded by a community that cares
  • Having a place to thrive

A key element for success is having a healthy and happy team culture. Yes, there can be minor struggles with mixing so many different individuals who all have different strong suits and skills, but it also can become a recipe for success if encouraged in the right way. For customers to leave happy, it all starts internally and that means from the employees.

You want happy team members on your team and at HUMMUS, we encourage our team members to be themselves and to thrive off of each other. We strive to have open communication. We care about our team members, and their opinions and take everything into consideration. One can’t force employees to take part in a team, they have to want to be a part of that team and want to make it the most successful it can be. It’s important to have a bigger vision set for everyone, so they can all see how their individual success will contribute to the overall company’s success.

What’s next for the #HUMSQUAD?

We are looking into many different approaches to continue improving our company culture. Some of those strategies in the work is getting HUMMUS merch that is more up to current trends – to not only have staff wear at work but also want to wear and carry with them outside of work and give them more of a variety of things to wear to work. We will begin highlighting our employees more on social media and showing them how much we value them. We will be sitting down with each employee about any of their concerns or if they have any ideas as well. By working more closely with our team members, we will be boosting company morale and creating a more encouraging workplace for our employees. Doing so, will create happier employees, and happier customers, and make the #HumSquad fam a reality.