Vegetarian Food Restaurant in Green Valley Ranch

Vegetarian Food Restaurant in Green Valley RanchVegetarian Food Restaurant in Green Valley Ranch is now ready to serve! Embrace the cupboard, enjoy the tinned treats, and make the most of the fresh vegetation with our simple pocket-friendly veggie meals. Find out how to turn a tin of chickpeas, a roll of puff pastry, or a bunch of broccoli into a beautiful supper in just a few straightforward measures. Treat yourself to a warm curry, a hearty soup, or a cheesy cottage pie that won’t break the bank.


Paneer’s Stuffed Pancakes

We’re dreaming of making pancakes for dinner. Our paneer-stuffed pancakes serve a simple 20-minute meal for two, topped with coconut yogurt and a dollop of chutney. You’re likely to have most of the ingredients already, so you don’t need a last-minute grocery run. Load your plate with some more genius bhajis, biryanis, and super samosas with our best vegetarian Indian recipes.

Green Pesto Minestrone

Go green with our organic Minestrone Pesto. A generous cheese grating matches the strong citrus flavor of this fresh vegetable soup. We recommend serving flatbreads with fluffy garlic for a simple autumnal treat. If you’re bored with traditional soup flavors such as tomato or carrot and coriander, try combining with pesto and orzo filling.
Make even more hearty homemade dinners with our ultimate vegetarian soup series.

Winter Green Puff Pie

When the nights are cold, our winter greens puff pie is the ideal cure to chills. The indulgent mascarpone filling and plain crisp pastry lid look impressive, but it doesn’t take hours to produce it. Serve a slice with the tattoos of your choosing – creamy mash or golden roasts – and a spear or two broccoli on a tray.
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Tenderstem Broccoli Bake

Whoever said that broccoli was boring hasn’t experienced our tenderest broccoli baked. Get your greens with our super-indulgent cheesy baked for two. This is the most basic comfort food. Make sure you have bits of crusty bread to mop the addictive sauce, or you’re going to regret it.

Choose to be Healthy and Order our Vegetarian Meals in Green Valley Ranch!

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