To Those Who Made HUMMUS What It Is Today

HUMMUS Customers

A successful restaurant is built from their customers and their team. Without support coming from the customers, a business could fail – especially during this time of economic turmoil. It’s important for a business to establish relationships with its customers but it’s also equally as important for a business to establish a relationship with its employees. The employees alongside the customers also serve as a foundation to a successful business. The business should seek to create a family-like relationship within the customers and employees.

Although there has been an increase in take out, online delivery, and to go orders, restaurants still greatly value and appreciate the physical presence of their customers. However in order to keep customers returning, it’s important to create an engaging guest experience for them. At HUMMUS when our guests arrive they can build their bowl, which is an interactive experience for guests to be hands on in creating what exactly goes into their bowls. We believe this is the start of the customer and employee relationship. We truly appreciate each and every customer because without their patronage, we wouldn’t be where we are today. In order to show customers our appreciation we, on the regular, send out emails to those who are subscribed offering special deals and reminding them how important they are to our business by saying thank you to being apart of the #HumSquad. The importance of customer experience should never be something that is neglected.

Without employees, a business wouldn’t be able to operate and customers wouldn’t be returning. Our employees at HUMMUS are truly the heartbeat of the business and are a big part of how HUMMUS has become the company it is today. Some have been with us since the very beginning and have established what it means to be part of the #HumSquad. They not only are the backbone of HUMMUS but they also help in giving feedback to upper management on providing an even better experience for all of our customers. The employees serving the guests are the reason HUMMUS will keep improving and innovating our guest experience. All of our employees are apart of our #HumSquad and they are some of the companies most valuable assets.

It’s not just our staff and employees who make HUMMUS great, it’s our customers too. We love our customers and what they mean to our #HumSquad fam. We truly cannot thank the local community and our staff enough for helping us be what we are today and we hope to continue growing the #HumSquad.