Stay Afloat During COVID-19

Hummus customers wearing facemask

At the beginning of COVID-19, restaurant regulars began staying home and eating at home. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way people dine, where now a majority of restaurant traffic is not even in the restaurant dining room. It’s so important now more than ever to support local businesses and keep them afloat. As well as local business supporting their community during these difficult times.

No one knows how long this pandemic will last, there’s so much to still be learned about COVID and we’ve already seen several ups and downs. So in response, local businesses must do what they can to stay afloat. The following are some of our suggestions to stay at the top of your business game while going through a pandemic.

Ensure Your Guests will Feel Safe When in Your Establishment

Washing ones hands has never been stressed enough until now. Cleanliness is ones top priority now. Make sure you are sanitizing your restaurant with the proper disinfectants. Areas to focus on the most would be door handles, countertops, pay tablets, etc. Another priority is showing how your establishment is taking part in social distancing. For example, social distancing stickers on the floor when guests are waiting in line. If your establishment has a seating area, ensure the seating is at every other table or even utilize plexiglass dividers between seating. Make sure your employees are routinely wiping down the dining room because customers will take note of details like that. In order to be successful during a pandemic, it’s important that you not only are taking precaution but making it known to the public that you are as well.

Offer Discounts to Certain Groups

During a pandemic, a good way for an establishment to give back to its community is by showing recognition for those who have worked endlessly to help during this pandemic. For example, all workers in the medical field can get a special discount or a free item on the house if they come in work uniform or show proof of workplace. Another group to start noting would be educators. Majority of educators now have to move their entire course online. For those who aren’t as familiar with today’s technology, this is a major struggle for them. It’s important to show that you see them, you appreciate their efforts, and you want to say ‘thank you’ for their efforts by offering a token of appreciation. Offering discounts for certain groups will bring your business major goodwill in your community.

Keep a Positive Message for the Public

Yes, actions do speak louder than words but in todays world, people are doing more research online now than ever. They are looking for the businesses to support during this time and if you can shed your light and positivity into your community, you will gain supporters. 2020 is filled with negativity so it’s important to stay positive and remind people of the positive going on in todays work and to uphold a positive mindset. Spread your positivity across social media, encourage your employees to ask everyone hows their day going and to keep a smile on their face because customers need positivity now more than ever and they will gravitate towards it.

You got this! There are many uncontrollable things going on during COVID-19 however taking precautions, showing what you’re doing to keep your establishments clean during this pandemic, and giving back to your local community are things you DO have control over.

A Message in Regards to COVID-19 from the #HumSquad

During these times of COVID-19, we have been striving to support our city, community, and our staff. While there are many layoffs in Las Vegas, HUMMUS is proud to say we have maintained well supported jobs for our employees and continue to do so. The turbulence of our city’s well-being is currently very rocky and effecting all of us. If we stick together, while maintaining distance, we will be able to overcome anything. We would like to thank those who have supported us and continue to show us love despite all the negativity in the world. We love people like you. In efforts to ensure the safety of employees and guests, we have implemented social distancing and mask wearing in our stores. We look forward to serving our community for the foreseeable future.