Prefer not to dine in? Dining outside with HUMMUS

Dining outside with HUMMUS

With limited seating available and the pandemic still ongoing, we have to consider other alternatives to dining out. Consider taking your order to-go and taking your food to dine outside. After all, take advantage of spending some extra time outdoors and taking a quick break from your busy lives. Trust us when we say that dining outside actually increases productivity, helps with stress levels, and encourages creativity.

Mood booster

Best natural mood booster? Simply going outside! The more time you spend inside, the less Vitamin D your body intakes, and a lack of vitamin D can often lead to depression and anxiety. Research suggests that the more time people spent outside, the less anxious they began to feel. You may be thinking how will going outside actually help my mood? Getting that fresh air will improve one’s cognitive function and allow a more clear mind. A clear mind is a happy mind. This can also result in a boost of creativity. So go outside, breathe that fresh air, soak in that sun, and eat your lunch outdoors! Who knows, you might even find a new favorite spot in your neighborhood that you never knew about!

Fun picnic date idea

With a lot of places to go to for a date night closed right now – get creative! Grab a blanket or a sheet and set up a little picnic for your significant other, or plan a small (socially distanced) gathering with your friends or family. This could be a full-on meal or even just a snack and some drinks. You’ll be able to spend time with the ones you love while still being safe. Having a picnic outdoors means you can eat lunch and lounge at the same time – the best of both worlds. It can also be a fun spin on the old dinner and movie just with a little 2020 twist. Picnic and Netflix.

Destress from being cooped up inside

Life can get stressful. Work, school, kids, family, and more all contribute to anxiety and stress. Not to mention having all of that, being all cooped up in your living room, and living through a pandemic doesn’t help. Living throughout a pandemic, we are encouraged to stay indoors but think about when was the last time you went on a walk, hike, or even just went outside to take a deep breath of fresh air?

Fun fact, nature is able to calm your nerves by distracting your mind with its beauty versus frazzling you. Take time to practice some mindfulness while you’re out and enjoy the outdoors while you can. We’ve been indoors so much this year that it’s only beneficial to find some time to get out of the house.

Still able to support local businesses whose dining rooms are still closed

The easiest way to dine outdoors? Order pick-up from a local restaurant! Takes the time and stress out of cooking a meal and packing it properly to take on that hike or picnic. An added benefit? You’re also supporting local businesses in this time of uncertainty. Simply call in or order online and pick it up on your way to your outdoor destination or order it to your house and take it with you to go! We are all about destressing and making your life the easiest and tastiest, especially at HUMMUS. Order HUMMUS now for your next outdoor dining!