Lebanese Food Restaurant in Seven Hills

Lebanese Food Restaurant in Seven HillsLebanese Food Restaurant in Seven Hills is now ready to serve you! Lebanon’s food is hearty, with spices, sugar, and all that’s sweet. It’s incredibly flexible because Lebanon has been the hub of many cultures throughout history. Each has brought their recipes and a unique way to prepare food, creating an exquisite cuisine rich in delicious dishes. Here are some of the most amazing Lebanese food you can try if you’ve ever come to Lebanon, or if you’re dining out at a Lebanese restaurant near you.



Manakish is the country variant of a pizza consisting of flatbread filled with various toppings. Manakish is eaten for breakfast or lunch, but the fragrant, spicy blend of spices makes it a lovely snack and an appetizer. 

Lebanon’s pizza contains various cheeses and meats, just like the normal one you order in your area. But one common variety of manakish is zaatar. This is a mixture of wild thyme, olive oil, sesame seeds, and culinary sumac, which is added before baking. 

Another variety is a cracked wheat paste called kishik. That people of Lebanon eat this meal with onions, cucumbers, olives, and fresh mint leaves. Many national bakeries specialize in manakish

Manakish is one of the most popular Lebanese foods locals eat regularly. It’s a different kind of pizza you’re going to try. 

Shish Taouk 

If you ever go to Lebanon, you’ll have to try the Shish Kebabs. The meat is marinated overnight in lemon juice, yogurt, some tomato paste, and paprika, so it’s incredibly tender and juicy

Shish Taouk is usually eaten with a lot of pita on the side to make a sandwich or package it in pita bread with garlic sauce on the side. Even though this sandwich may remind you of those in your country, the taste is different and more than delicious. 

You’ll be surprised how famous these marinated chicken sandwiches are in Lebanon. This dish can also be found in Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, and Iraq.

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