Lebanese Food Restaurant in North Las Vegas

Lebanese Food Restaurant in North Las VegasLebanese Food in North Las Vegas is now common in the area because many business owners see the potential of this cuisine. If you’re not familiar with Lebanese Food then here are seven tasty Lebanese dishes that you need to sample and try. If your kitchen wants a little bit of Beirut, or you want to try some new recipes, then you need to check out these fun, tasty treats. Lebanon’s food is robust, with sugar, spices, and everything sweet! So, try these recipes yourself, and you’re guaranteed to love them!


1. Kibbeh
Lebanon’s National Dish is calling your name, enticing you to smash into its insanely delicious fried exterior and let those sautéed pine nuts and spicy minced meat wake up your tongue.

2. Kafta
The kafta is a happy little lamb, beef, or chicken meatball, packed with onion, parsley, breadcrumbs, and spices. They’re barbecued on skewers or eaten with gravy. Savor has a recipe for the lamb to get you started.

3. Kanafeh
Sweeten the day with this sugary cheese pastry packed with orange blossom syrup. Cheese, sugar, and butter are the most fantastic kanafeh mates.

4. Hummus
Carrot sticks taste so much healthier at the end of a big scoop of hummus! This chickpea, garlic, and tahini mix of pleasure is excellent for nibbles before dinner.

5. Rice Pilaf
Rice is a super staple in the Middle East, and Lebanon knows how to spic it up. It is common to include fried vermicelli noodles and serve with other tasty Lebanese meat dishes.

6. Fattoush
Any salad that includes something deep-fried is nice, are we right? And that’s just what you would get from fattoush. With crispy lettuce, bread, and vegetables, this is the perfect ‘I want to feel like I’m eating good, but I also want to sample anything.’

7. Manakish
This is a typical breakfast dish in Lebanon, yet it can be enjoyed all day, every day. This pizza-like dish is usually topped with thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, and olive oil.

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