The Importance of Vegan and Veggie Options

Importance of Vegan and Veggie Options

HUMMUS has always strived to include everyone on our menu with the goal to be a positive small business to our communities. We continue to support plant-based ingredients across our menu like our hummus, proteins, toppings, sauces, and sides. Customer interest in plant-based food continues to grow and we are here to support that movement. Vegan or not, we believe in the opportunity to have a plant-based option at any convenience.

Consumers are beginning to become more health conscious which means the Vegan and Vegetarian community is growing and it’s important to cater to them. According to GlobalData, the amount of Vegans in the past three years has increased by 600%, and with the numbers growing by the day, every restaurant should look into offering accommodations to Vegans and Vegetarians.

How can you Create a Vegan/Veggie friendly menu?

Now there can be two approaches to this. The quickest solution is to offer your regular menu options, however with veggie twists such as switching the meat to tofu or a meat-free alternative. For example in our case at HUMMUS, our Vegan friends have the option to change proteins like chicken, gyro, beef, and pork to our Vegan Falafel or roasted seasonal veggies. Restaurants can also curate entirely new dishes and get inspo from international cuisines that focus more on veggies and dairy-free diets.

The rise of these new dietary preferences doesn’t need to be looked at as a threat to your business but as an opportunity for growth by accepting new trends and expanding your menu. This is a great opportunity for new businesses to also think about too. By advertising your Vegan menu, you can bring in an entirely new clientele you wouldn’t have had.

HUMMUS Loves our Vegan Friends!

Our menu features Vegan alternative proteins, like falafel and roasted seasonal veggies, for those who prefer a Vegetarian or Vegan meal. We are continuing to update our menus online and in-store to make sure that we are informing everyone properly about which options are Vegan or Vegetarian. Not only do we appreciate all our Vegan and Veggie friends but also are willing to accommodate all dietary needs.