How your Restaurant can Benefit from User Generated Content

How your Restaurant can Benefit from User Generated Content

What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content (UGC) is the digital version of word of mouth. UGC is something that is seen scrolling through your social media platforms. If someone goes to your restaurant and posts your food on their Instagram or Facebook story, all of their followers and friends can see it too. This can generate a ginormous amount of eyeballs on your business that you would’ve not have had. Another example of this is if someone mentions HUMMUS in their podcast or Youtube video, that is user generated content. Any type of content that is created by a person that has your companies brand on it, is considered UGC. This not only can benefit both the business but also the consumer as well.

At HUMMMUS, we love when our customers post us on their story, give us a shoutout, or tag us in posts. They show off their pretty HUMMUS bowls they had for lunch and it attracts their followers to our business. Not only do we love this for more exposure but we also love the opportunity to interact on a more personal level with our local customers. When they post a picture and tag us on their stories, we are able to repost it, create relationships with those customers by engaging in conversations, and thank them for their posts. We are also able to reward loyalty and grow the relationship even stronger than before. Showing our gratitude to customers by reposting them on our stories and thanking them in direct messages makes a much more personalized customer experience. So the reality is, UGC is truly a win-win on both ends.

User Generated Content can benefit all types of companies, no matter the specialty or industry – and for the most part at no additional cost. People rely heavily on reviews from real people, people they trust, and their friends. By increasing UGC, you are able to let that person’s voice speak for your brand. Their opinions are the soul of your business. It can increase credibility for your brand and in turn bring more loyal customers.

Not only can UGC increase credibility for your brand but it can also help a business understand its customers better. You are able to really see the type of demographic your brand attracts and by seeing the content they post a company is able to get insights on the content that helps promote them better.

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