How to Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants During a Pandemic

How to Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants During a Pandemic

Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants During a Pandemic

Restaurants across the world have been impacted by COVID-19. Governments have instructed all restaurants to operate at limited capacity, and some to only allow takeout only. For larger corporations, they are still able to manage and stay afloat. However for more local businesses, the hard times are now, and there’s no predicting how long they will last.

This is where as a community we come together and support local. It’s up to us to play an important role in our communities by supporting those local businesses.

  1. Order online

You can still enjoy a restaurant’s food eating from home as you would eat in their dining room. Support the local restaurants by ordering through their website or ordering on delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash, etc. A lot of these restaurants that have been forced to close their dining rooms or have limited seating for social distancing are also doing their best to accommodate their menus to the public, such as giving options for people to order family meals and even more affordable deals and offers on their meals as well. Ordering online means that you can still enjoy your favorite food just at the convenience of your own home while supporting the local communities around you. Did you know that we have online ordering available too? Order with us now.

How to Support Your Favorite Local Restaurants During a Pandemic

  1. Post on your socials

As something that began as a personal platform to share personal statuses and photos, social media has completely transformed the way that businesses operate. How successful a local business is promoted on social media by its community can make or break whether they stay afloat during this pandemic. Social media can drive a whole business to success. During these times it’s important to post on your social media support for a local business and encourage others to order too.

Word of mouth, such as posting on one’s story or even just conversations with friends, will really help out in driving traffic and getting a business’s name recognized which in turn will push more people towards their restaurant. We’ve seen a rise in orders after some locals made TikToks and Instagram posts about HUMMUS.

Thus, we gave back to our community for the support by giving them a discount for mentioning where they found us. The majority of our customers come from social media; mostly content created by their friends. The power of social media is such a powerful tool for local businesses. Follow us on Instagram!

  1. Post reviews

Amid the pandemic, a lot of people are turning to local. However, the first thing they do when deciding where to eat is to check a review site to see if the food is good, get business hours, and see photos of the food. With the pandemic, people are also often confused about whether or not a local business has shut down or not. (If you’re a business owner yourself, it’s important to update your hours and announce that your business is in fact open on Yelp and Google if you want people to support your business.)

If you know a local spot you love they are open during these times, post a review and a photo or two! Mention how they are performing during the pandemic. Talk about your favorite dish or why you love going there. Had a great experience with a team member?

Talk about it! Reading your positive review it will bring more people to view their menu and potentially order from the business. While you’re thinking of it, don’t forget to leave us a review!

With everyone’s health and safety being first priority right now, leading a lot of restaurants to close their doors can be done by ordering online, posting on your social media to spread the word, and post reviews. Local businesses are being hit the hardest and as a community, the best thing we can do is help keep them afloat.