How to Order HUMMUS Delivery

HUMMUS Falafel Bowl

Reinvented menus, limited menus, offers, deals, delivery, and curbside. These are all steps that restaurants are taking to deal with the way our world is changing. For some restaurants that are mandated to keep their dining rooms closed, it’s the only way their businesses can operate. Now more than ever, restaurants should be establishing themselves on delivery platforms in order to continue business and potentially even boost their sales.

At HUMMUS, we understand that times are scary and people would much rather order in versus going out to eat, which is why we offer delivery and take-out options for our customers. We have been offering online delivery through Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub for some time now and have really begun utilizing the online movement in the past couple of months. Now our customers can safely stay at home and still enjoy our meals.

How can customers order through these delivery apps? It’s easy!

  1. Guests have the option to sign up with any of the above-listed platforms. If you’re already signed up then that makes the process even more simple for you.
  2. Once signed up, customers can either access the delivery services on their desktop or through their mobile apps
  3. Customers will then be able to put in their delivery address and can either scroll through a list of options to find HUMMUS, or they can simply search “Hummus Bowls & Wraps”
  4. From there, the customer will see the entire HUMMUS menu, even getting to build their own bowl or wrap through the app as if they were to do so in person.
  5. After selecting their favorite items and drinks they can then proceed to check out.

And just like that your bowl, wrap, or snack can be delivered to your house, your work, or anywhere you’d like!

Times are changing and thus, becoming more digital. It’s important for not only HUMMUS but all restaurants to keep up with the new normal such as online delivery platforms in order to keep their business on top. It should be a goal to make it known to customers that restaurants are offering alternatives to just coming in-store and ordering. It’s also important to note that a lot of people are not loyal to just one delivery app, as they like to compare their options and the deals offered. Looking into getting your restaurant on more than one delivery platform will only benefit you and your business. Getting on these platforms will not only boost the views your menu may get but also the best case, boost the income your business brings in.