Greek Food Restaurant in Peccole Ranch

Greek Food Restaurant in Peccole RanchThe Mediterranean diet is mainly based on the southern European countries’ food habits but mostly derives from Greek food, with the Greek Food Restaurants already in Peccole Ranch today. Citizens’ healthy eating habits and customs and produce, emphasizing vegetables, olive oil, fish, poultry, beans, and grains, also had something to do with Greek food production.

Not only is the Greek diet a distinctive way to eat, drink and live, but it is also a realistic and efficient way to reduce obesity, inflammation, and a great way to maintain a healthy weight range. And it’s no wonder that most of the world’s leading doctors and dieticians are promoting a Greek diet!


The Greek diet has long been considered one of the healthiest in the world, but it’s not just a diet or a way of eating; it’s also a way of life! For thousands of years, Greeks have eaten a high-fiber diet of grains, fruits, and herbs, including high-quality fats and proteins, a bottle of homemade wine, and an excellent Greek coffee cup every morning.

When people think of Greek cuisine, first comes to mind Pastitsio, Moussaka, Souvlaki, and Baklava. However, the traditional Greek diet is filled with greens such as Xorta (wild greens), Fasolakia (green string beans), Bamies (Okra), legumes such as Fakes (lentils), Fasolada (beans), Revithia (chickpeas), vegetable dishes, fish and small amounts of meat.

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