Greek Food Basics

Greek Food Basics

There are an abundance of Greek foods to try and all of them don’t disappoint. I understand the struggle, so I made a list here of Greek food basics that are good for when you are a beginner in this or if you are just confused about where to start.

Greek Food Basics

5 Basics of Greek Food

Greek foods are not just for the Greeks. Millions of people all over the world are enjoying them and can’t get enough of them because of their flavors that are unique and that stand out. These Greek food basics are definitely a good start.

1. Greek Salad

The good thing about salad recipes is that they are all versatile. You can add every ingredient you want and they would still be fine. Just like any other salad dish, Greek salad is filled with lots of health benefits and is delicious at the same time. What sets this apart is the dress, which will make you think of Greece!

2. Skordalia

Skordalia is basically a mashed potato with a strong garlic flavor. You can eat this as is if you like, but this is a dip that goes well with pita bread. Most Skordalia recipes are rich in antioxidants, so this is healthy in some way.

3. Taramasalata

Taramasalata is a dip that is almost always a part of every Greek meal. Taramasalata is made from fish roe and is best served with potato or bread.

4. Souvlaki

Even people from other countries love grilled meat, so Souvlaki will satisfy your cravings. Greeks love charcoal-grilled meats, and this is just one of the many grilled meat recipes that you can try when you go to Greece or to a Greek restaurant. This is served with pita bread.

5. Octopus

When you go to Greece, you will find a lot of octopuses under the sun. Greeks usually tenderize octopus with vinegar before they grill it. But octopus can also be a salad or pasta dish, so just choose whichever you prefer. Regardless, it is a perfect match for wine. It’s such a good dish for any occasion.