Middle Eastern Dishes in Las Vegas

Middle Eastern Dishes in Las Vegas Hummus Bowls & Wraps

Middle Eastern cuisine offers a whole world of wholesome, healthy, and utterly delicious dishes for almost every type of eater. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or someone who follows a kind of diet to keep the pounds off, there are Middle Eastern dishes that will surely captivate your…

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Why Choose Fresh?

We admit it. We may be biased here at HUMMUS, however there’s several reasons why eating fresh is the way to go. Fresh, never frozen, meals contain more nutrients and healthy enzymes. From vitamin intake, to lowering the chance of chronic illnesses the health benefits to eating fresh are endless….

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Why Have Online Ordering?

Order online and pickup

Jumping into a world of “new normal,” it’s important to learn the benefits of choosing online ordering for restaurants. There has been a rise interest of in ordering online pick up take out over online delivery surprisingly during these times of a health related pandemic according to Restaurant Dive. Why…

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Prefer not to dine in? Dine outside!

Dining outside with HUMMUS

With limited seating available and the pandemic still ongoing, we have to consider other alternatives to dining out. Consider taking your order to-go and take your food to dine outside. After all, take advantage of spending some extra time outdoors and taking a quick break from your busy lives. Trust…

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Healthy And Delicious Olive Oil

Olive oil generally figures in most diets nowadays, especially those that are keen on promoting a healthy lifestyle, shedding some fats, and keeping the pounds off. Healthy and delicious olive oil is a key component of the Mediterranean diet too, so if you’re thinking of trying the diet yourself, expect…

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Origins Of Basmati Rice

Although it doesn’t enjoy the same popularity and status in the Western World as it does in other countries, rice is probably the most important grain in the world, and when it comes to the Mediterranean diet, the spotlight is on basmati rice. To get an idea of why this…

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To Those Who Made HUMMUS What It Is Today

HUMMUS Customers

A successful restaurant is built from their customers and their team. Without support coming from the customers, a business could fail – especially during this time of economic turmoil. It’s important for a business to establish relationships with its customers but it’s also equally as important for a business to…

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